Highlights From My Cousin's Wedding

Just got back from Normandy, France, where the actual wedding took place. Now, I'm here in St. Brice, France, 18km away from Paris at my Uncle's house. Yesterday was quite a long day. It started with us going to the actual place of the wedding (45 min drive), setting up the mats & food for the Cambodian part of the wedding. We then all went to the city hall (200+ people) to see Samantha and Olivier get married.

_MG_7282.JPG   _MG_7281.JPG

Here's a picture of Samantha and Olivier leaving City Hall, and heading back to get ready for the Cambodian part of the wedding.


After we all left City Hall, we went back to have the Cambodian wedding. This took three hours, which to me, seemed like a lifetime -- but according to my father, some Cambodian weddings last up to three days. The place where everything took place looked amazing by the way. It was in the middle of nowhere -- just farm lands left and right.

_MG_7229.JPG   _MG_7121.JPG

The picture below was during the second half of the wedding ceremony.


As for me, besides taking pictures, eating cheese, drinking wine, and helping the photographer unload some pics, I pretty much smoked most of the time.


Ahh, and Chhorn did as well ..


Oh, and we had fun with Philip, who by the way, let me borrow the Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens -- and even bought me a cleaning kit for my camera. Philip, "fishing and drinking" if you're reading this by the way. :)


But, at around 1:30am, we realized we drank too much wine and had to go to bed. We missed out on the dancing, but we had a bunch of fun and will definitely remember all the good times we had with everybody.


Ended up taking about 350 pictures yesterday -- making this the biggest gallery I have on Flickr so far, with over 600 pictures. You can either choose to look at them individually (can download the images by clicking on 'All Sizes', or view them as a slideshow (bigger pictures --> recommended).