Mobilize Your Rails Application Presentation at ATLRUG

It's been a while since I've updated this blog and what do you know, here's a post that has something to do with mobile and Rails (shocking isn't it?). Last month I gave a talk at DCRUG and ATLRUG on how to utilize mobile technology in your Rails application and how to cater to a large majority of mobile devices that support HTTP. Somebody was kind enough at ATLRUG to actually record my presentation (thank you) and upload it into the intertubes.

In the presentation I go over why we all should try to cater to the large amount of mobile users in the world and I give a brief overview on how to accomplish this using various plugins and gems, such as: Mobile Fu, SMS Fu, Clickatell, and MMS2R. Even though this is more of a short introduction to mobile Rails you should hopefully still get something out of it.