Apple, please make MacRuby a public framework

I'm a big fan of MacRuby and have been a big supporter.  For those of you who don't know, MacRuby allows you to create awesome Mac OS X apps using Ruby.  I'm even writing a book on it - MacRuby in Action.  

What's not so awesome is that even though Apple has chosen to include MacRuby in Mac OS X Lion, it's only available as a private framework.  This means that MacRuby developers are forced to embed the framework within their applications.  It'd be great if Apple could make MacRuby a public framework within OS X Lion. 

The author of another MacRuby book, Matt Aimonetti, posted about this today and asked me to help bring some more attention to the issue.  He's created a ticket on Apple's radar system and so have I.

If you have time, please help us with this and spread the word.  It'd also be great if you could open up a radar ticket as well.