Introducing the Lanai Color Theme for Vim, Based Off of Monokai Modified

I've recently switched over to the world of MacVim for my development, and like most people, tried to find a good color theme to work with.  I was a big fan of the original Monokai theme for TextMate.  I later found that my friend and co-worker, Adam Bair ( created the Monokai Modified theme for Vim, which I loved as well.  When I used TextMate, I made some modifications to the theme to make things a little easier on my eyes.  So, I decided to make the change for my Vim setup, and with that came 'Lanai'.  I would have liked to have called it Monokai Modified Modified, but I think that wouldn't really work too well -- so I guess another Hawaiian island name had to do.


Click here to download:
lanai.vim (8 KB) - From Concept to Conception

My colleagues, Adam Bair, Pradeep Elankumaran, Paul Ostazeski and I ended up building an app within 48 hours for this year's Rails Rumble.  We had a couple ideas at first but we decided to try keep it simple to make sure that we had enough time to iron things out.  We decided to do a deals aggregator with a little mix of Digg/Reddit thrown in. allows you to vote up or down deals that you either love or hate.  

It's also interesting to note how much planning went into it.  The only bit of planning we did was this little mockup that I drew up (I can't draw straight lines for the life of me).  Smacksale stayed pretty much true to the initial mockup.  If you have time, check out Smacksale (